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Visiting a city for solo female traveler  is always an alternative whether it is the first solo trip or just you want to visit a new place. If you are planning a trip, together with other travel bloggers we have compiled a list of 34 best cities for solo female traveler not to be missed.

As far as I’m concerned, when I visit a new city, I first of all take into the safety, the ease of getting around using public transport, if local people are friendly, the cost of living and, not least, the attractions to visit.

Are you ready to go?



London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world that offers endless possibilities. There are lots of things that solo traveler will love. Visiting royal parks, going to free museums or catching Hop-on Hop-off bus to admire the city are just a few of them.

Exploring London on your own can be really enjoyable. You can visit unusual places like Neal’s Yard, Camden Town or just do a classic trip to London Eye. The best way to see all the attractions of the city is to visit the highest skyscraper Shard.

You will also experience amazing views in Sky Garden or Duck & Waffle. Drinking cocktails in the sky is one of the top things to do when visiting London on your own. Wandering around street food markets is another fun thing to do. Pop Brixton or Borough Market will keep you busy during the day.

On the other hand, Oxford Street in London is one of the best shopping spots in the world. You can also treat yourself in some luxury shops on Old Bond Street or visit stylish Burlington Arcade. In Hatchards, you will buy great books to read in the evening while traveling solo.

Depending on the season, there are a lot of amazing events happening in London. You can join colour run with plenty of other people in summer or admire amazing Christmas lights during the winter. Attend the St Patrick’s Day parade at the end of the March or see Notting Hill Carnival. Due to the plethora of attractions and events, London is definitely one of top cities to visit solo.

london, tower bridge


A solo trip to Paris might maybe not be your first idea when planning a getaway for yourself. But despite all the romance, Paris is actually one of the best destinations for female solo travelers.

It is not only one of the world’s leading cities when it comes to personally safety, it is also so packed with sights and landmarks, that you will have no time to feel lonely or bored.

Especially when visiting the Louvre or the Musée d’Orsay, you are honestly even better off on your own. You can spend hours  in those museums and marvel at the masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Renoir or van Gogh, just to name a few, at your own pace.  But also the Eiffel Tower or Montmartre are wonderful to visit alone. Browsing the streets and alleys of Paris is just incredible, and doing so in solitude has a unique flair.

When traveling alone, eating out can be admittedly easily a little awkward. Not too much in Paris, though. If you look closely, you see many people seated alone, be it to enjoy dinner, a quick coffee or even spending time reading a book. For the best people watching opportunity, take your meal in a classical Parisian Brasserie. These authentic eateries are always busy around lunchtime, with a good value for money.

If you are looking to connect with fellow travelers or Parisians, spend your evenings by the Seine, the Canal St.Martin, or even the forecourt of the  Sacre Coeur. They are popular hang out spots, and you easily meet new friends.

eiffel tower


Berlin is an interesting city to explore, and it’s fantastic for solo female travelers. There’s so much to do in Berlin, and it’s easy to go at it alone. It’s also easy to meet people if you’re looking for some company.

Many of the places on a typical Berlin itinerary can be seen comfortably as a solo traveler. Check out the TV Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Europe that’s also great for views of the city. Take a stroll down Unter den Linden and stop to see the Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, and many other sights along the way.

To learn about the Berlin Wall, go to the Bernauer Strasse Wall Memorial. This is an outdoor memorial along a street that was divided by the Wall, and don’t forget to watch the two short films in the visitors center. For a different perspective, check out the East Side Gallery and admire the thought provoking artwork.

Other important attractions not to miss include the Reichstag Building, which is the German parliament building where you can book a free tour in advance. Also, check out the Holocaust Memorial, Charlottenburg Palace, and Tempelhof Park, which was once an airport.

Solo travelers looking for someone to hang out with for a few hours or a meal should try Facebook groups like GGI Berlin. This is an all female group with women from all over the world who now call Berlin home, but plenty of women join the group and post when they’re traveling to Berlin to find someone to explore with them.

Another great way to meet other travelers is to join a tour. Something like a street art tour, a cycling tour, or a food tour is a fun way to see the city in a small group and meet others to chat with.

Berlin is also a city of international cultures, so it’s not hard to find someone who speaks English. This will help you navigate and enjoy your time in this wonderful city.

parlamento berlino


Rome is the kind of city that can suit any kind of traveler. Whether you are visiting with friends, with your better half, or with your family and children, and as a solo (female) traveler, you are bound to have a good time.

If you are traveling to the Italian capital solo, you will be happy to know that Rome is safe. You will find that the city public transportation system is reliable, and you won’t have to worry reaching the most important landmarks at any time of day and night.

Attractions in Rome abound. You will be able to visit some of the most important archeological sites in the world, including the iconic Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, as well as the Baths of Caracalla. If you are a fan of art, you will have many museums to pick from: Galleria Borghese is a treasures’ chest with some of the most important works of Gianlorenzo Bernini. Go to the Vatican Museums for a chance to admire Raphael’s Rooms and Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel.

Are you a foodie? Sit at any central trattoria in Rome to devour some of the best known Italian dishes, such as carbonara or cacio e pepe. And try local street food – don’t miss supplì (heavenly cones of rice stuffed with mozzarella and fried) and trapizzino (a mix between a sandwich and a pizza).

If you want to be at the center of the action during your time in the Eternal City, make sure to base yourself in one of the central neighborhoods of Rome. Trastevere is certainly a fun place to stay if you are looking for a fabulous mix of interesting attractions, lovely shops, an overall quaint atmosphere and if you are a night owl: this is one of the hotspot of Roman nightlife, with plenty of excellent restaurants and bars that remain open until the wee hours.

colosseo roma


Amsterdam is a wonderful city because it offers something for literally anyone.  In this eclectic city, you can find architecture, history, culture, and even the sordid.  Because Amsterdam is so unique, you will encounter so many different types of travelers – which is one reason Amsterdam is a perect city for solo female travelers!

Amsterdam is safe and super walkable, with walking (and biking!) paths meandering through the canals.  If you’re up for an adventure, rent a bike at one of the many bike shops and explore Amsterdam like a local.  Fair warning, though: the Dutch are serious about biking, so this is not meant to be a leisurely activity.

Looking for some culture? The Museumplein has world-class museums, including the famous Van Gogh museum.  When you’ve gotten your culture fill, enjoy Vondelpark, the sprawling greenspace in the city center.

If you’re a history buff, you absolutely must visit the Anne Frank House museum.  This immersive museum takes you through Anne Frank’s time spent hiding from the Nazis in the house she actually hid in.  This emotional experience cannot be missed and is understandably popular, so be sure to reserve your ticket well in advance.

If you’re a foodie, Amsterdam has an awesome food scene.  Enjoy Gouda, fluffy waffles, fried gravy balls (yes, they are actually delicious), and more between all your adventures.

And finally, you cannot mention Amsterdam without mentioning the Red Light District.  The best way to see the Red Light District is with a guided tour through the Prostitution Information Centre.  Serving as a pseudo-union for the citiy’s prostitutes, you can learn about this industry from those who have worked in it.



Barcelona, Spain is a fabulous city to visit as a solo female traveler. It is generally safe with wonderful lively streets to explore. Stroll down the wide boulevard of La Rambla to enjoy the street performers and cafes. Make sure to stop at the colorful Boqueria Market to choose luscious snacks from the over 200 food stalls.

Barcelona is a city for foodies. Solo female travelers can grab a seat at a local bar to sample delightful tapas and conversation with friendly Spanish locals. Sample the seafood paella at a restaurant near the beach for dining with a view.

Barcelona is a city of neighborhoods. Stay in Eixample or El Born for great dining, shopping, and attractions.  On the other hand, staying at a hostel is a perfect way to meet people in Barcelona. Hostels are great for all age travelers and will save you money you can spend on delicious meals in Barcelona. Bike and Bed Barcelona is a wonderful hostel near all the attractions. The hostel rents bikes and offers bike tours around the city.  Since Barcelona is a safe city to cycle, it’s a great way to get around on your own.

Solo female travelers can easily visit the magnificent Antoni Gaudi buildings around the city. Most are a short walk from city center. Gaudi masterpieces such as La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila’, and Casa Batlló should not be missed. You can take a bus to visit the whimsical Park Guell, another Gaudi creation.

Since pickpockets exist in Barcelona, make sure you guard possessions, don’t act like a tourist, and be particularly mindful in crowds and on public transportation. With awareness of your surroundings, solo female travelers will have a fabulous time in Barcelona.


Iceland is one of the safest countries for women, and hence it is no surprise that Reykjavik, the capital, is safe too when it comes to travelling solo for women. Not once did I feel I was being followed or had to look over my shoulder when in Reykjavik or Iceland.

While it is always convenient to have your car in Reykjavik, although it isn’t too well connected to public transport, the Flybus gets you around. No matter the time of day, it is also safe to walk around even late at night in most areas without feeling dangerous.

Even if you don’t have your transportation, you can take numerous walking tours and solo-friendly group tours when visiting different parts of the country from Reykjavik. Most people are fluent in English and if not, are friendly and happy to help if you face issues.

Prices are clearly mentioned, and you don’t need to haggle. Also, scams aren’t a common thing and are pretty rare here.

When in Reykjavik, make sure to take a walk around the city and take a pit stop at the Sun Voyager located by the sea on your way to Hallgrimskirkja Church which is quite tall and is a landmark of the city. It is easy to find and the views from the top are stunning!

Other exciting things you could do in the city are; go on a whale watching tour in summer, keep an eye out for the northern lights in winter and pay a visit to the Blue Lagoon a little away from the city



One of the best cities for solo female travellers is the Slovenian capital, Ljubliana. The city has an appealing mix of green spaces, fascinating history all with a quirky underbelly. It’s also an incredibly pedestrian-friendly city with all the main highlights within walking distance from the centre.

Unlike other European capitals, the city of Ljublana feels more like a town, especially if you compare it to the chaotic bustle of places like Paris, London and Berlin. It’s surprisingly tranquil here which is helped by the absence of cars in the city centre as well as the parks and river running through the centre. When you’re planning your Slovenia itinerary, it’s worth allowing a couple of days in the city to do it justice.

Orient yourself on a walking tour and visit some of the highlights in Ljubljana Old Town, such as Mestni Square, the Plečnik’s Arcades and the iconic, Dragon Bridge. Then head up to Ljubljana castle. If you’re feeling energetic, there is a footpath leading up, if not, then take the funicular railway.

After exploring the old town, be sure to visit the autonomous district of Metelkova Mesto. This is a bit of an underbelly of Ljubliana, and also one of THE most colourful places I’ve ever visited. Once this area was used as army barracks, after they were abandoned, it became a squat for the city’s youth and artists. In the past, there have been talks of bulldozing the whole area, but the city began to see the value of the diverse area. Here you’ll find colourful street art on every surface and sculptures created out of recycled materials. The area is a mix of residential housing and nightclubs and bars.

Ljubliana is well connected by public transport to other great places to visit, including the iconic Lake Bled, the adventure sports hub of Bohinj and the coastal town of Piran.



Vilnius is the the capital of Lithuania, one of the Baltic States. Travelling to Vilnus is definitely a must-do for solo female travellers. The safety here ranked on the top 50 out of 129 cities in Europe. As a solo traveller, hostels are such popular type accommodation where you can meet tourists but also locals who are both travelling and working there. Vilnius is a also a great destination for people who enjoy travelling in Europe on a budget. Accommodations are more affordable compared to west and south of Europe plus food and transportation are very low-cost.

There is a daily free walking tour of the city, which is a great way to learn about Vilnius and discover the city. It highlights the KGB and history of Lithuania during World War II. Right in the middle of the Old Town, you should visit Vilnius Museum of Illusions. For an easy hike around the city, check out Gediminas Castle Tower which overview the city. If you are coming during winter, it gives such magical vibe.

One of the most popular spot in the city is the art area of Uzupis where you can enjoy outdoor arts displayed everywhere such as piano by the river, swing under the bridge, graffiti and the statue of Angel of Uzupis. If you are looking for a day trip, Trakai Castle sits right in the middle of the lake, during winter, the lake freezes allowing you to walk over it towards the castle. It is located just half an hour drive from the Vilnius City.


Lisbon is a wonderful city, a gloriously grand and cheerful capital: when the sun shines, it dazzles like a jewel!

It is also a great place for solo female travellers specifically for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is a relatively safe city. Of course, crime can happen anywhere and you should be careful in the streets of any city, but relatively speaking, Lisbon feels safe. Lisbon is also good for solo female travellers because the locals are a friendly bunch, and it is fairly easy to strike up a conversation and to meet people. Finally, compared to other European capitals, Lisbon is inexpensive, so it is more affordable to stay in more secure accommodation, ie hotels.

And in general, it is a great destination for travellers because there’s a lot to explore and so many delightful things to do in Lisbon!  A few of these include wandering the winding streets of the old Alfama district, where maybe you’ll get lucky and catch some live Fado music. You absolutely must check out the grand marble boulevards and fancy squares of the Baixa district – much of Lisbon was damaged after a devastating earthquake in 1755 and it was rebuilt with pride and flair. You’ll find plenty of culture and buzzy nightlife in the hilly districts of Chiado, Barrio Alto and Principe Real – and you’ll also see plenty of those iconic yellow trams!  And if you want to get out of the city, there are some interesting landmarks to visit including Belém Tower and The Sanctuary of Christ The King.

Finally, it is practically a crime to visit Lisbon without tasting its legendary pastry, the sublime pastel de nata.


#11 NICE

Nice in Southern France is an excellent destination for solo female travelers. The capital of the French Riviera is a vibrant city with beautiful architecture, stunning beaches, and delicious French food. Nice is a safe city for solo female travelers, so they just need to concentrate on getting the most out of the city and having fun.

Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and with more sunny days than the average in France, Nice is a good destination all year round. It is super busy in the summer, so it is best explored when the crowds are gone during the shoulder seasons. Winter is also a good time to visit Nice, with sunny days guaranteed.

The list of best things to do in Nice includes the Old Port, the panoramic views from Castle Hill, a visit to the typical markets, and a stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais. Get lost in the Old Town, with its picturesque streets and beautiful Italian-style architecture, and eat some of the best gelatos in France. Depending on the season, you may want to spend some time on the beach, and travelers can choose between public beaches or paid beaches, usually with a beach bar and more services.

Nice is super well connected with other places on the French Riviera, so solo female travelers will be spoilt for choice of beautiful places to visit by train or bus. Eze-Village, Monte Carlo, and Menton are some of the favorites, but this is only a taste of what the area has to offer.

nice, france


Dubrovnik in Croatia is definitely one of the best cities for solo female travelers! The so-called “Pearl of the Adriatic” has a lot to offer solo travelers – there is nature, there are amazing beaches and a historic old town to explore! In general, there are really great things to do in Dubrovnik, and on top of that, it is one of the safest cities in Europe. Here you will move around on your own without any problems, and you can explore the region with all its beauty comfortably.

The city is most famous for its historic old town, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979 and attracts visitors with many interesting sights and museums. A real highlight is a walk on the city wall of Dubrovnik, which surrounds the entire city center on a length of about 2 kilometers. Up here you will experience a breathtaking view over the red roofs, and you can take dreamlike pictures of the city.

 But also the beaches are beautiful, the water is wonderfully clear and shines in the most spectacular colors. Exciting activities are also waiting for solo female travelers: If you want, you can take a kayak and paddle along the beautiful coastline. You will discover beautiful sea caves and hidden bays. In any case don’t miss going on a boat trip and explore the beautiful island pearls like Lokrum, Lovran, Korcula or Mlijet. Another must-do is the ride on the Dubrovnik cable car, from which you will have the most beautiful view of the city, the harbor and the Riviera



Situated in southwestern Belgium, Bruges is one of the most solo-travel friendly cities in Europe. Bruges is super compact, excellent for exploring on foot, has great nightlife and plenty of interesting things to do on your own!

The city is great to visit any time of the year! Stroll Bruges historic old town starting from its iconic market square surrounded by colourful townhouse with stairs-like roofs. Climb the Belfry tower for a panoramic view of the entire city. Bruges has some excellent museums that are perfect for checking out on a solo trip when you can take as much time as possible to marvel at the art pieces that interest you. Some of the best museums include Groening Museums and less serious choices such as Choco-story Museum and Friet Museum, which showcases the story of chips invented in Belgium.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love the city’s food scene. Sample the authentic Belgian hot chocolate and, of course, Belgian waffles with whipped cream, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce that are to die for! Try the Old Chocolate House – a family-run chocolatier with a super cute tea room. There are also many lively bars tucked away in the city’s basements that serve Belgian beer and are buzzing in the evenings for the nightlife lovers.

Stay in St Christopher’s Inn Hostel located right in the heart of the historic centre of Bruges. The hostel features dormitories as well as affordable private rooms and a great bar where you can mingle with fellow travellers.



Granada is one of the most vibrant cities in Andalucia. It is a great destination for a solo trip to Spain because it’s a very friendly city, with a lot of things going on at any time of the year. The best place to meet other travellers in Granada is the free walking tour of the city. This tour is aimed at first visitors to the city and helps solo travellers meet other people who travel on their own and want to share part of their trip with someone else. The guide is usually a local who will be able to help you with plenty of tips on where to eat the best food or where to find some of the hidden gems of the city.

There are so many fantastic things to do in Granada, starting with visiting the mighty Alhambra, one of the most beautiful Moorish fortresses in Andalucia. Because the Alhambra is one of the most visited monuments in Spain, it is highly recommended to book your entry ticket with a few good months ahead.

Another great place to visit in Granada is Albaicín, the Unesco medieval neighbourhood with narrow alleys and white houses. The white walls hide beautiful, lush gardens with palm trees and water features, so make sure to pay attention for open houses.

The evenings in Granada are very lively, with locals going out for tapas, to see flamenco shows, or to just enjoy ad hoc events in the squares around the city. It is usual to see free flamenco performances at Mirador de San Nicolas.



If you are looking for a lesser visited, charming city to travel solo, Slovakia’s capital city, Bratislava is a great destination. It is a fairly safe city with friendly locals. There are a few hostels where you easily can meet other travelers and there are plenty of charming bars. The nightlife in Bratislava is truly worth a go. There are many things to do in Bratislava other than the nightlife. First of all, you must visit Bratislava Castle which towers above the city. From its gardens, you will also get sweeping views of the city and the Danube River.

Make sure you spend time wandering around Bratislava Old Town, it is full of pleasant surprises, especially the unique statues that hide around. The Old Town Hall is situated on one of the enchanting squares. It is the oldest town hall in Slovakia and you can climb the clock tower for city views.

Other places of interest are the Primate’s Palace, Michael’s Gate, and the Slovak National Theater. But most of all, the Slavín War Memorial, set on a hill above the city which makes for a beautiful sunset view. The Obelisk in the middle of the square is 39 meters tall and is made to commemorate the around 7000 Soviet soldiers that are buried there and for the Red Army’s fight for liberation.

Bratislava is easy to get around and while it is a walkable city, you can get around by bus or rent a bike.

bratislava old town


Florence is a popular destination for solo travelers as it is filled with art, food, history, wine, and spectacular site seeing gems. While wandering the streets, it is easy to feel safe and meet new people, as you’re getting to know the culture in a very special way, up close and personal.

Florence is a small city, but since it is a traveler’s hub, most everyone speaks English. However, it is good to know some of the general phrases as effort goes a long way. What else goes a long way, dressing well; leave the casualness for home. Afterall, this is Italy and they are known for their fashion.

Some of the most important sites (to name just a few) to see are the Florence Cathedral, Giotto’s Campanile, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Basilica of Sante Croce and Santa Croce Square, Baptistery of St. John, Uffizi Palace and Gallery, Boboli Gardens, Da Vinci Museum, See Florence from the Arno, Dine at the Mercato Centrale, and climb Giotto’s Campanile.

One of the best parts about traveling to Florence alone is that you can walk everywhere, get lost in the side streets. You may end up in a restaurant having limoncello and eating a Florentine steak while listening to Frank Sinatra. Or, you may even end up with a bottle of wine while watching the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo overlooking the Renaissance city. No matter what you do, you will feel at home, at ease, and will have had a romantic solo trip that will truly rejuvenate the soul.




New York City should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The Big Apple has more sights and attractions than you could visit in a month, and each neighborhood has a distinct vibe so you can choose what kind of vacation to have.

Solo female travelers already know to be on the lookout for pickpockets and how to be safe traveling alone. Those street smarts are all you need to stay safe and have a good time in New York. Plus, since the city never sleeps, there are always people out and about, so you won’t have to worry about walking down deserted streets at night.

Some of the best things to do in NYC are ones that you can enjoy all on your own. Want to see a Broadway show? The TKTS box in Times Square has same-day tickets for a discounted price, and it’s much easier to find one seat than two. Museum-goers are spoiled for choice with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim, and more.

Stroll along the High Line towards Chelsea Market to get a bite to eat, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to poke around Dumbo’s boutiques, or spend the whole day exploring Central Park. The list of sights is literally never ending.

As one of the biggest travel hubs in the United States, there are thousands of flights, trains, and buses going into the city. However, New York’s airports (like JFK and LaGuardia) are not very conveniently-located. So, when traveling solo, it can be easier to take ground travel, like a bus from Toronto to New York City, which arrives at Port Authority bus station in downtown Manhattan. From there, you’re in the middle of the action and can choose which museum, skyscraper, or park you’ll visit first.

new york


Boston is an ideal city for those who like to travel solo because it is easy to get around, the people are friendly and there is plenty to do alone or with new friends!

Being one of the US’s oldest cities, solo travelers with a keen interest in history will want to check out The Freedom Trail, which takes you to 16 attractions associated with the American Revolution. It takes a day to do this alone, or you can join a shortened version of the trail with a walking tour. Ask the guide for local recommendations, a great tip for solo travel!

The majority of this tour is near Boston’s most visited landmarks, such as the Boston Common (urban park) and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Here, you will find Quincy Market for all your chowder and lobster roll needs! The marketplace is open until late, so it is also fun to do at night in Boston.

Close to Faneuil Hall is the famous Cheers pub so if you make friends on the walking tour, invite them for a pint of Sam Adams to the place where everyone knows your name.

Next up, head to Beacon Hill to one of the most photographed streets in the city, Acorn Street, which is just a 5-minute walk. Beacon Hill is also where the self-guided Black Heritage Trail takes place.

Hostels are great for meeting people; search for one with a social area and events if you plan to socialize. Airbnbs are pretty pricey in Boston so consider that when shopping around. Don’t rule out hotels if  the room comes with breakfast and is close to the majority of things you want to do as it will save you time and transport fees.

Getting to downtown from Boston Logan International Airport is easy; just use the public transport network known as ‘the T’.



Toronto is one of the best cities for solo female travellers in the world. First-timers will love the ease of getting around, the safety of the city, and the plethora of things to do. Advanced solo travellers will enjoy going outside of the downtown core to learn more about the unique neighbourhoods and to discover the hidden cultures in this Canadian city.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and the myriad of activities reflect that. Most tourists head downtown to view the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, and the Canadian art galleries. But you should go beyond these basics, even if you’re just in town for a weekend.

The best things to do aren’t crazy expensive. In fact, many are free, like walking along the Toronto boardwalk for the best sunsets in Canada or wandering graffiti alley for Instagram pics. Others are budget friendly, like taking a cultural food tour in Toronto’s neighbourhoods. This is a great way to meet people in Toronto, too!

Other amazing activities include hiking at the Scarborough Bluffs, relaxing on a beach in the Beaches neighbourhood, having dim sum in Chinatown, or wandering the world’s largest underground mall in downtown Toronto.

No matter what you do, you won’t be looked at as odd for travelling alone as a woman in Toronto. The residents are too busy to notice tourists for the most part, and many of them are single women exploring their hometown anyways.

Since Canada is big on equality and women’s rights, you won’t have to worry about wearing fake wedding rings or dressing a certain way. The only thing to be concerned about is pickpockets at large cultural sites or on busy subway buses. To avoid these, move your backpack to your front and keep your hand on your purse.



Nestled somewhere between the scenic Canadian Rockies and endless fields of golden prairies, you’ll find the vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is Canada’s 4th most populated city and is growing at a rapid rate, largely due to its reputation for being a foodie’s paradise, its remarkable proximity to the mountains, and its unique western roots. Despite its ever-growing state, Calgary continues to be a safe, entertaining destination for solo female travelers from all corners of the globe; as there’s truly something here for everyone.

Consider taking a walk down one of the eclectic downtown strips such as Stephen Ave or 17th, both of which are filled with lively restaurants, boutique shops, and vivid street art. If it’s exploring Canada’s signature natural beauty you’re after, instead opt for a raft down the flowing Bow River, which cuts through the heart of the city and provides ample access to some of Calgary’s best green spaces; or take a day trip to nearby Banff National Park and take in a few of the best hikes in Banff. Alternatively, if you want a true Calgarian experience, opt to visit during the month of July when the world-renowned Stampede is in town (a two-week outdoor event that breathes new life into the city, complete with concerts, light displays, midway rides and games, the largest rodeo on earth and more deep-fried food than you’ll know what to do with). The Stampede makes for an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers and locals alike; just ensure to book well in advance as prices during that time of year can skyrocket given the influx of tourists.

No matter how you opt to spend your solo getaway to Calgary, you’re all but guaranteed to leave feeling the buzz this exciting, young city emanates.



San Francisco is one of the best cities for solo female travelers. There are so many fun things to do in San Francisco from touring Alcatraz, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, and touring China Town. The town has great neighborhoods with a fun nightlife like the Tenderloin.

It is a great destination for solo travel because there are lots of things to do, it is a safe city and there is no language barrier.

A central part of any trip to San Francisco is visiting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. You can rent a bicycle to bike across the bridge, or you can simply walk. It can be windy on the bridge so it’s a good idea to bring a windbreaker. The views of the bay and downtown area are beautiful.

Another fun thing to do is tour Alcatraz Island. The tours include a fun ferry ride across the bay and an audio tour that helps with the history and fun facts of Alcatraz.

Chinatown is a popular neighborhood to explore. It is a great place to pick up some Chinese food for dinner. Be sure to stop by the Fortune Cookie Factory where you can see how they make fortune cookies. Plus, the cookies are so delicious! There are lots of fun shops and markets to explore.

There are lots of fun places to stay in San Francisco. One of the best areas to stay in is the area around Union Square. There are lots of fun things to do in this area and getting around with this as a home base is really easy.

Staying in a hostel is a great place if you want to meet others on your trip and makes your stay less expensive but you are in closer living areas with strangers. You can also look into renting a room on AirBNB.

san francisco


Oaxaca is one of the best destinations in Mexico for solo travelers thanks to its safety, culture and plenty of things to do in the region.

Officially called Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca is the capital of the Oaxaca State in Southern Mexico.

Oaxaca is a true hub of culture in Mexico thanks to its rich heritage, delicious cuisine and colorful art.

From trying signature Oaxaca dishes such as moles, tlayudas and memelas to visiting local museums and shopping artisan markets, there are tons of things to do in Oaxaca for a solo traveler.

The city known for its distinct architecture and designs boasts wonderful architecture and colorful streets where you can find tons of cool graffitis. Winter is the busiest time in Oaxaca thanks to dry sunny weather, but it’s also the coldest time.

If you get cold while exploring Oaxaca, stop at one of local cafes to try signature rich hot chocolate that comes from Oaxaca – this hot drink is unlike anything you have ever tried in your life!

And don’t forget to take a day trip from Oaxaca. There are many natural and historic  landmarks within 1-2 hours of the city such as archeological area Mitla, or stunning natural area Hierve El Agua. In addition, there are many artisan villages in the area where you can see local artisans produce colorful textiles from scratch.

Oaxaca is often called one of the safest destinations in Mexico and you can walk city streets and meet many other solo travelers from all over the world while exploring this destination.



Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, about one hour from Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find the charming city of Sayulita. One of the Mexico pueblos magicos, or magic towns, Sayulita is one of the best places in Mexico for solo female travelers.

There’s so many things to do in Sayulita Mexico, but the town is most known for its beaches and surf waves. There are beginner and intermediate surf waves in Sayulita, which makes it the perfect place in Mexico to learn to surf, or even take surf lessons at one of several schools in town.

If you’d rather just relax on the beaches, there are plenty to choose from. The main beach, Playa Sayulita, is very lively, but there are quieter beaches like Playa los Muertos, Playa Malpaso and Playa Carricitos.

While the beaches are to the east, to the west you have the Sierra Madre Mountains and the popular Monkey Mountain hike. Nearby, there are places to zipline through the jungle and you can also go horseback riding on the beach.

Sayulita has been popular with American and European expats in Mexico since the 1970s and 80s. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, and people look out for one another. Anyone traveling to Sayulita solo will absolutely feel safe in this amazing Mexico beach town.

sayalita, mexico


Antigua Guatemala is arguably one of the most charming cities in Latin America and one of the perfect destinations for solo female travelers as well.

It’s relatively safe to walk around, especially compared to other places in Guatemala and there are many bars and cafes where to meet up with other people and mingle.

One of the things that make Antigua so incredibly fascinating is the presence of three mighty volcanos towering over the city. You will enjoy walking around the cobblestone roads, lined with colorful colonial houses and flowery bow windows with the huge smoky Fuego Volcano as a backdrop.

And the outdoorsy and more adventurous will love hiking one of them and enjoy the spectacular views from the top.

Get lost along the narrow lanes, explore the old crumbling churches scattered around, visit the  museums to learn about the ancient historical city, or take a free walking tour to enjoy tales of the former Guatemala Capital City.

There are so many things to do in Antigua that you could easily stay for months and still find something new to discover. That includes visiting coffee farms in the surrounding areas, and even a Macadamia farm or joining a cacao class and learning how to make the delicious drink from the sacred plant.

The culinary experience in Antigua is also one of a kind, not only you will enjoy the delicious international variety of cuisine, but you will also appreciate the glamorous environment, be it in a colonial courtyard or in a romantic hacienda.

antigua guatemala


Traveling solo in South America can be an intimidating prospect but Buenos Aires, the bustling capital of Argentina, is an excellent place to launch your trip as a solo female traveler. This city is a hub for backpackers and ex-pats from all over the world. There are plenty of hostels to choose from where you’ll mingle with fellow travelers and make connections to explore together if you wish. If you’re feeling aged out of hostel life, rental apartments like Airbnb and VRBO are very affordable here, sometimes as low as $30-50 a night. To make connections when staying alone there are active Facebook groups like FoodiesBA that organize group dinners where you can easily make new friends.

In terms of safety, Buenos Aires is as safe as any large, metropolitan city elsewhere in the world. You’ll need to exercise the same precautions you would in a place like New York or London. If you’re alone at night, take a taxi or use a ridesharing app. During the day always be aware of your surroundings, avoid using your phone in the street, and leave valuables in your hotel safe.

To stay in a safe area, stay in one of the best Buenos Aires neighborhoods like Palermo Soho, San Telmo, or Recoleta. La Boca is a popular sight to see but is one of the few places that you should not be after dark so time your visit accordingly.

And the top tip of all is to explore Argentina! Argentina is a welcoming, safe country for solo travelers. Hike in Patagonia, taste wine in Mendoza, and explore the waterfalls of Iguazu, there is plenty to discover near Buenos Aires for solo female travelers.

buenos aires



Kathmandu is the eclectic capital of Nepal, a country famous for epic hikes and mountains (including Mt. Everest) as well as its mixture of various cultures. Backpackers and hikers from around the world come to Kathmandu before starting iconic Nepali treks like Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit. Kathmandu is perfect for solo female travelers because of how easy it is to meet other solo travelers and how safe it is. Kathmandu is also extremely budget friendly, has many cultural attractions, and great restaurants, cafes, and bars to spend time at.

Thamel, Kathmandu is the most popular place to stay for solo travelers, and is known as Kathmandu’s backpacker area. Thamel is filled with great restaurants, souvenir shops, and trekking goods stores to stock up on items before heading to the Himalayas. It’s also the perfect home base to exploring many of Kathmandu’s famous cultural attractions.

Two popular spots for solo travelers to meet other travelers are Purple Haze Rock Bar and OMG Club, which are both located in the same building in Thamel. Purple Haze Rock Bar is a live music venue where local bands play oldies rock songs, and OMG Club is where travelers can let loose and dance to popular pop music.

Visitors to Kathmandu must visit the city’s iconic Durbar Square, the historic center of the city with many old temples and buildings, and the Swayambunath Stupa (also known as the Monkey Temple). Climbing up the steep steps to Swayambhunath rewards travelers with an incredible view over the Kathmandu valley and the mountains surrounding it.

Solo travelers can also join tours to nearby historic villages like Nagarkot and Bhaktapur from Kathmandu as well, because solo travel is never lonely travel in Nepal.



Bangalore, popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, is the IT centre and technology hub, influencing numerous people from all over India to work there.
Almost 62% of people in Bangalore are immigrants, and all the citizens live here with great unity and hospitality. Thus, it becomes a safe place for living and travelling, especially for solo female travellers. If you travel solo, you can visit numerous tourist places in Bangalore. Here are the ideal solo travel destinations in the city-
  1. Spread over 300 acres of garden, Cubbon Park is famous for beautifully crafted statues of popular personalities. Also, the second-largest aquarium in India with an exotic collection of fishes is located inside Cubbon Park.
  2. Apart from it, the majestic Bangalore Palace, surrounded by a beautiful garden, attracts millions of tourists, including solo travellers.
  3. If you want full of entertainment, then Wonderla Amusement Park will be ideal for you. You can experience over 60 exhilarating rides.
  4. One of the oldest botanical gardens, Lal Bagh Botanical Garden, consists of approximately 1854 different various plants and many bird species.
  5. Bannerghatta National Park contains ten reserve forests with large species of flora and fauna, a zoo, and a children’s park.
  6. Nandi Hills is a popular tourist destination at a height of over 4800 feet above sea level. A fantastic view of sunrise and sunset is seen from here.
  7. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is one of the most significant historical monuments located in Bangalore, where you can safely travel solo.
  8. Snow city, Innovative film city, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Antharange hill range, Iscon Temple are the other attractive places you can visit.
Bangalore is a perfect solo travel destination for women with adequate safety and heartwarming hospitality. If you plan for a solo trip to India, do not forget to keep it on your itinerary.

#28 DA LAT

Da Lat is a popular destination in Vietnam both for locals and foreigners alike. This city stands out because of how great the weather is and how green the entire city is – giving such fresh and clean air to breathe. Located in the highlands, it’s the source of Vietnam’s flowers, fresh vegetables, and even coffees. Only 45-flight from Ho Chi Minh City of 6-hours on a bus, Da Lat is worth visiting even if you are travelling alone.

There are many attractions to see such as flower and coffee farm tours, waterfalls, and hiking trails. If you are travelling alone, don’t worry, there are many guided group tours you can join. Not only you will be able to save money but also meet local and foreign travellers. During your stay, don’t forget to go out for breakfast in one of the cafes, Anna’s Cafe is located right at the cable car station. Don’t miss out on hiking the famous Langbiang Peak, which you can both play for a 4×4 with a driver or hike for about 2-hours.

The must-see waterfalls are Pongouor and Elephant waterfalls both located near the airport, about a 45-minute drive from the city. While not far from the Cable Car is a place called Datanla, where you can enjoy a high rope course and alpine coaster ride. The Crazy House is also a must-visit. It’s technically a hotel but the unique building is something from a fairytale book. Most importantly, at night there’s a well-known night market filled with Vietnamese snacks, a must-try is avocado ice cream and bánh tráng nướng which is also called Da Lat Pizza.

dalat, vietnam


One of the top cities for solo female travellers is Hanoi, in northern Vietnam. Not only is Vietnam a very friendly and safe place for solo female travellers, it also hosts plenty of unique and interesting experiences you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and is the second largest city after Ho Chi Minh City in the South.

All of Vietnam is a foodie’s paradise, however, the north holds some special experiences that are hard to find outside of Vietnam. One dish that is specific to the north is Bún chả, or grilled pork with noodles and dipping sauce. It sounds simple, but the way this dish is served in Hanoi is different to anywhere else on earth.

Much of the city is divided up and a street will sell a specific thing – think cleaning products, or plastic buckets. But, there is also one fascinating (and delicious) street called Ly Van Phuc, that sells grilled chicken. Literally every vendor on the street sells grilled chicken along with various accompaniments.

Another must-see stop is Bia Hoi corner. This is where they sell beer that is freshly made every day with no preservatives. You can also find plenty of food nearby, as well as lots of people to make friends with, both Vietnamese, travellers and expats.

Getting around in Hanoi is easy, if you are happy to take a taxi or motorbike taxi. However, as a solo traveller it’s always a smart idea to be aware of your surroundings and who you are traveling with. Nowadays you can take a grab car or use another ride sharing app like Be or GoViet. The roads in Hanoi are chaotic and dangerous, but you will quickly get used to the flow of traffic.

The best time to go to Hanoi is during the spring time of February to April. The days are warm and sunny with minimal rainfall. Average temperatures will be around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Other times of year are fine too, however be aware that it gets quite cool and wet in winter. You may need to bring cold weather gear if you are in Hanoi around Christmas!

Vietnam is generally considered quite safe for travellers. However, pickpocketing and robberies remain pretty common. Keeping your valuables close, or locked in a safe is a good way to avoid pickpockets. Another tip is to not wear flashy, skin showing clothes or expensive jewellery while you are out and about alone.

The Vietnamese people tend to be friendly, and may ask questions that you find quite forward. For example, how much money do you earn, are you married, where is your husband etc. It can feel a bit rude to be the brunt of 20 pointed questions, but it’s actually a way of getting to know you! You can tell the truth or always make up a story if it’s someone you don’t know (like a taxi driver or random strange man).

All in all, Hanoi is a great place for solo female travellers. You will find plenty of friendly people, travellers, and great food. Plus it’s really easy to get around.

venditrici ad hanoi


Taipei is one of the best cities in the world for solo female travelers- especially if it is your first time traveling alone in Asia.  It is extremely safe, affordable, and gives you an introduction to Asia without you feeling overwhelmed.

Taipei has an extensive public transportation system, so it’s easy to navigate around the city.  Most of the top tourist attractions are spread out, so you’ll be relying on public transportation.

Since you’re visiting Taipei alone, try to stay close to Taipei Main Station .  It’s the most convenient neighborhood for transportation, has lots of food options, and is less expensive than many other areas in Taipei.

The reason Taipei is such a good introduction to traveling alone in Asia is because it gives you Asian architecture and food, but it isn’t so different that you’ll experience culture shock.

English is widely spoken, and the locals are extremely friendly and always happy to help you if you’re lost.

When you’re in Taipei, be sure to visit Elephant Mountain, Taipei 101, Lunghsan Temple, and the National Palace Museum.

You also don’t want to miss out on all the night markets in Taipei.  Taipei is a foodie’s paradise and has some of the best food in the world.

The night markets start around 5pm, and you want to get there as early as possible if you don’t want to spend ages in line every time you want to eat.  Be sure to leave room for an ice cream burrito at the end of the night.  It may be the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever had!



Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan state of India and is famously known as the ‘Pink City. The city is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site; famous for massive forts, architecture and colours, of course for its food scene. The major reason Jaipur attracts tourists looking to its old-world charm, Rajputana history and so the city attracts many tourists from around the world. You can walk around alone and can travel to different places via auto or car. The best part about Jaipur as a solo female traveller is their PINK auto system which is run by women from Jaipur to help them to earn. You can book tours with them and always be safe around other women. The solo female travellers can choose to stay near the old city as it is very convenient to reach other destinations and female dorms are also available. Apart from this, it is always recommended to follow your own instincts anywhere in the world!

It is recommended to visit Jaipur for 3 days to explore all the attractions. The best things to do in Jaipur includes visiting its historical forts and palaces. Reserve one day for the forts tour with a Guide and visit the Amber fort, Jaigarh Fort and Nahargarh fort and famous City Palace. The forts of Jaipur are built-in Mughal Rajputana style and it is loved by all the generations looking to its beautiful architecture. Nahargarh fort gives the best views of Jaipur city and sunset at the fort is a must-do activity while sitting at Padao Café. Jaipur itinerary is incomplete without seeing the demonstrations at Anokhi Museum of Hand block Printings can give the idea about the mastering of the ancient wooden block Printing technique of Jaipur. Apart from these Hawa Mahal is the major attraction of Jaipur which is famously known as the Palace of Winds having a honeycomb-like structure with 953 small and big windows! If older People are visiting Jaipur, they can visit Albert Hall Museum, the famous Galtaji Temple and Birla temple. Jaipur has something to offer for everyone! As a solo female traveller, it is recommended to hire an auto or car for the whole trip for convenience.

How to reach: Jaipur is connected with major cities of India by Air, Rail and Road. There are many direct flights to Jaipur from Delhi and other metro cities of India.



Traveling to Baghdad, the capital city Iraq, is definitely an unusual and unique experience.

Baghdad is viewed as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. However, that is a far cry from the truth. Baghdad has indeed suffered a lot from wars and ISIS. However, today it is an upcoming tourist destination and it is a place to fall in love with.

These days Baghdad is a really safe city based on solo female travelers’ experience.

The best thing about Baghdad is the people. People in Baghdad are so happy to see foreign tourists in their city. They are really open to getting to know travelers from other countries. They are very friendly, kind and happy to teach you about their city and country. Any traveler can feel that Baghdad is her second home.

If you are a solo traveler, make sure you join the Iraqi Travelers Café Facebook group to connect with locals. Making Iraqi friends in Baghdad must be part of your journey there.

One of the best things to do in Baghdad just to stroll around the old streets of the oldest part of Baghdad. That’s where you will see that Baghdad is not what you thought it was, but it’s a chill and safe place full of wonders.

Baghdad has a lot of interesting places to visit, especially for history buffs.

You can find amazing museums such as the Iraqi Museum where you can learn about ancient Iraq, the cradle of civilization, or the Baghdadi Museum where you can go back in time and relive the old days in Baghdad before the wars.

There are a lot of famous monuments in Baghdad such as the Martyrs Monument commemorating the Iraqi soldiers who lost their lives in the Iraq-Iran War.

Moreover, in Baghdad, you can find one of the oldest universities in the world, the Islamic Mustansiriya Madrasah.

Surprisingly, travelers will not only find different mosques of the different branches of Islam but churches of various denominations. Seeing the religious diversity of Baghdad is an eye-opening experience.

There are a lot of awesome restaurants, shisha bars, and cafés in Baghdad serving really delicious meals and the best shisha in the world. 




Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Blessed with a stunning harbourside location, Sydney is an exciting, cosmopolitan city with many attractions, including a stunning coastline and warm weather. Ranking in the top 5 of the safest cities in the world, Sydney is an ideal destination for solo female travellers. It’s also a wonderful place to live with a relaxed surf lifestyle in the suburbs and great food.

Some of the top things to do in Sydney are in the oldest and most scenic part of town. Sydney is best known for its extraordinary Opera House and Harbour Bridge. You can explore both when you visit Sydney Cove and Circular Quay. Walk along the promenade and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere with street performers, cafes and ferry’s coming and going. Stop for a meal and a concert at the iconic Sydney Opera House and enjoy the unbeatable views around the harbour. Stroll through the Sydney Botanical Gardens or wander around The Rocks and learn about the remnants of Sydney’s colourful colonial past. One of the best ways to enjoy Sydney is to get out on the water. Jump on a ferry and soak up the views at Manly, Taronga Zoo or Watsons Bay.

Sydney is a great place to visit at any time of year but the best time to go is March or April. The weather is bright and sunny with little rain. In autumn, it’s still warm enough to enjoy the gorgeous beaches and Sydney has many to choose from. The famous Bondi Beach is the most popular. Sydney is a fabulous destination for a solo trip and especially for solo female travellers.



When it comes to destinations ideal for the solo female traveler, it is hard to go past New Zealand. The locals are friendly, there is plenty to see and do, it is easy to navigate and very safe.

Known as the adventure capital of the South Island, Queenstown has something to appeal no matter what you are looking for. Built around the shore of the scenic Lake Wakatipu, much of the city offers lake views, and in winter the surrounding mountains become ski fields that are world renowned. A drive around the lake and out to Glenorchy will please photographers with views of the snow covered mountains reflecting off the lake’s surface.

Home of the worlds first commercial bungy jump, Adrenaline junkies can take the plunge over the Kawarau river. Movie fans can take Lord of the Rings 4wd tours to check out filming locations from the trilogy that they couldn’t reach with a hired vehicle. It’s also worth taking the short drive to Arrowtown, an old gold-mining town steeped in history.

If you happen to be in the city over the weekend, buy a ticket to one of the organised pub crawl events. Your ticket price includes entry and a drink at each of the included venues and they are well attended, offering a great way to meet people for a fun night out. You’ll inevitably finish up at Fergburger for one of their world famous burgers. Aid your recovery the next day with a visit to the Onsen Hot Pools, and enjoy a luxurious soak while taking in the scenery of the Shotover River Canyon stretching before you.


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