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The beauty of travelling is not only to visit and see new places but also to discover, try and taste flavors and ingredients so different from our culture. When you travel, do not look for pizza or pasta but first try the local delicacies also to better understand the culture of the country that hosts you, writes one who ate only pasta and on the go I discovered that then taste different foods and dishes was not so bad.
Also you will risk paying a lot and not be satisfied with the success of the dish, in 11 months I ate pizza only on two occasions.

Travelling you will discover dishes with unpronounceable names but unforgettable flavors. And even the smells will not leave you indifferent yet I remember the ginger in the air between the Vietnamese streets.

The food is important and should not be overlooked and in my months traveling I almost always tried to have breakfast, lunch and dinner as I do at home, many hostels offer breakfast included in the room price with simple things but if you love eggs never miss. For lunch or dinner my main dish was rice or noodles (similar to our spaghetti) combined with vegetables or chicken, beef or shrimp. And you can find fantastic fruit like mango, pineapple, dragon fruit, papaya, durian and many others there is just for all tastes… Fruit that tastes like fruit living in London I forgot all these flavors.

In every corner of Asia there are places to eat so you will not starve, from the street food where you will eat really well with little money sometimes even with 1 euro to better premises. If you do not feel like eating out or street food is not for you many hostels have a kitchen where you can shop and cook you something at your leisure, In South Asia there are the inevitable 7 eleven a supermarket chain open h 24 excellent to find food to cook or ready as well as being a good refreshment inside (the air conditioning is always high seems to enter Siberia).

I adopted some simple travel precautions like:

  • before leaving and a few days after departure I took probiotics
  • the first days I ate only white rice and then I started to add various ingredients
  • drinking bottled water, in many hostels there is the possibility of filling the bottle or water bottle in such a way as to use plastic as little as possible

With these little precautions, I haven’t had any health problems in 11 months.

On this page I will talk about alternative restaurants and special foods that I have eaten in the world.