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solo trip in Singapore
Nowadays, in Italy solo female traveller are still seen with a bit of amazement, unlike other foreign countries where the solo travel is much more frequent. We in fact, even the mere gesture of going to a restaurant, drinking a coffee at the bar, or at the cinema alone, makes us look almost like “losers”, bringing with us an entirely negative concept, closely linked to the fact of not being in company.
I am telling you that is not the case at all!

Although for many it is not an easy thing to understand, travelling alone cannot only be a necessity, but also a simple choice. Most of the time it becomes a real fun, when you decide to pull the plug, taking a plane that will take you to the other side of the world, to discover unique flavours and colours rich in tradition and then return home with unforgettable memories to say the least. For us women, but also in general, the solo trip is a great opportunity to put ourselves at stake. By taking this opportunity we are free to make our own choices, without justifying ourselves to anyone and without any constraints. We are the only ones to decide how best to spend our time and decide for ourselves what to visit. In addition to opening our hearts to the immense beauty that the world offers, we can also encounter various dangers that are exactly the same as those we find in our country. A good rule of thumb is to always use common sense.
You may have thought about it several times, but then, for lack of courage or for fear of loneliness, of unforeseen events, of having lunch alone, or even for the simple idea of going out at night unaccompanied, you have completely abandoned the idea.
But let’s go see the bright side of this.

Traveling alone allows you to:

  • Discover and begin to believe more in yourself;
  • strengthen and increase your self-esteem and organizational skills;
  • develop a strong personality by learning to be alone, without being dependent on anyone;

my solo trip in Singapore

murales in penang

my solo trip to Penang in Malesia

If you initially don’t feel confident about taking a long-haultrip, I suggest you take it slowly, for example, on day trips, then on weekends. Choose a city or region with a low crime rate, considered safer when it comes to exclusively female travel.
We do not neglect the knowledge of languages. They are also important and with a significant impact in the choice of destinations. Once you have gained confidence to speak the English language, you can also decide to embark on a longer journey in terms of time and with a more distant destination. If you are a beginner, here are some practical tips to better organize your first trips:


Before you leave, do a thorough search of the places you will visit, climate, local customs, visa to apply for, the remaining validity of your passport or ID card, etc.. so that you have a general idea of what is to come. Check that the bank documents and commissions you have available are valid for the country to which you will be going.


It’s time to book your flight, nowadays there are really many sites like Skyscanner that can help you in choosing your destination. If you do not feel confident about booking your own flight, you can contact a travel agency.

Book your accommodation at least for the first night, securing a roof over your head in case of inconvenience or unforeseen circumstances. You can choose between hotel, hostel or Airbnb.

  • Hostels are cheap and tend to be located in city centres near bus or train terminals. They usually have a kitchen to prepare their own meals. Staying in a hostel is a great way to meet other travellers and participate in group activities during the solo trip. The downside is the lack of privacy and having to share the room with other people, many hostels have dorms only for women.
  • Hotels may seem the most expensive option, but this depends on your destination. In some areas of Asia and Africa, a hotel room can cost less than a bed in a hostel. There are plenty of websites to compare different options such as Sometimes booking a hotel directly on the hotel website can be cheaper. The important thing is to carefully read the reviews.
  • Airbnbhas become a popular choice for travellers in recent years. If you prefer to have a kitchen and your own space to work, then book an apartment on Airbnb. You can also rent a room in the house, which means you will share the space with the host. As with anything, check the reviews and trust your instincts.

Don’t forget your health insurance. Life is unpredictable, so even if you have planned your trip the unexpected can be around the corner. Travel insurance covers not only travel expenses and personal belongings (e.g. flight is cancelled or luggage is stolen), but also health (e.g. hospitalization or repatriation is required). It is therefore always better to be prepared and buy travel insurance. Read through all the various clauses.


You share your decision to travel alone with close family and ​ friends; surely someone will disagree with your choice, but it is right that the people closest to you know your plans and that they are aware of your movements. Know however, that only those who really understand you and really know you well will be completely close to you and will support you to the end.
school in Cambogia

in a school in Cambodia to teach English

with Ann tribe in kentung

traveling alone among the tribes of Myanmar


The world is beautiful and totally different from what the media represents. Abandon your “comfort zone” and do not allow your fears to take over your choices, thus preventing you from knowing the external reality and discovering yourself. The strength lies in your mind, is the fundamental component for the realization of your journey and allows you to counter negative thoughts and immobilize you in the “comfort zone”. There will be countless sides to you and so many qualities you didn’t even know you had and you will realize that the limits you thought you had were just a figment of your imagination.


Ensure that you check with your airline the requirements and fees for your baggage, including the size of the weight and the size of both checked and hand baggage. Most airports are very strict on fluids, gels and aerosols above 100ml/100g and any object that may look like a weapon. There’s nothing more stressful than having confiscated items or the bag dismantled by security officers. If you have personal care products in your hand luggage, make sure they are the correct size and inside a transparent bag or plastic bag. Reusable water bottles are fine, but make sure they’re empty when you go through security. It’s a good rule to keep all your valuables and travel documents in your hand luggage. A common mistake is to overload the backpack with superfluous things; make a list of the most urgent things, and then bring only half. Remember, a heavy backpack will put a brake on your journey; it is always best to keep yourself light. Make a copy of your personal documents and secure them in a separate compartment with cash. Also memorize the number of the Embassy of the country that you will visit, in case of need. Write on a sheet of paper the name of the accommodation and the address where you will go to stay, if the battery of your mobile phone should run out, or if you do not have a Wi-Fi at your disposal.


As for the flight, I recommend a comfortable and practical clothing with leggings and sneakers. Drink plenty of water and always stay hydrated. In your carry-on bag, bring with you some items that will keep you mentally occupied, such as books or a playlist for music, ready to listen, that will make you relax. Also add a comb, a toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant (many shops have special travel packages that take up very little space). I always carry a pashmina with me to deal with the air conditioning of the plane – small details that however make the difference.


Let yourjourney begin!
Have fun and be confident, warm and informed. Remember that the most important rule to deal with all this is always use “common sense”. Keep your valuables in a safe place. Open up, be friendly and get to know the locals.
This experience will make you more confident as a person, strong and determined… in short, true warriors!

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