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Mount Valinis


In this post I want to tell you about an excursion close to home, in the charming Maniago in the province ofPordenone. It is suitable for everyone, even children, and excellent in any season: I’m talking aboutMount Valinis.

As you can imagine, “playing” at home is a habit of this path, and the last time I wanted to bring my roommate with whom I shared the house in Bristol in 2015. In the summer of 2019, during my holiday week in Italy, she came to see me and it seemed to me the right opportunity to show her “my mountains”, of which I have spoken several times.


After a hearty breakfast, from Maniago we headed towards Meduno. From there we reached the hamlet ofSottomonte, parked the car near the church, where there is the beginning of path CAI 819, indicated by red white signs.

Initially the route runs along a stream inside the forest and then continue on a mule track invaded by stones. We continued until we reached a junction, where the path on the left leads to Borgo Cilia, while we kept on the right, following the red CAI signs. After this first part, the path increases its slope first inside the forest. Then some hairpin bends begin, where the vegetation is more sparse and you can see the spectacle of the Pordenone foothills. On a clear day you can also see the sea…and it’s the right time to take some pictures. The path continues on rocky ground, takes the last turn in moderate climb until you reach the repeater near the point of launch of paragliders. We arrive here happy, after about an hour and a half of walk.

Pedemontana Pordenonese


But where were we? Paragliding! The simplest and lightest free flying vehicle in existence, which uses the force of the wind to keep in the air. Well yes! you read it well, because in this area, thanks to favorable currents, you can fly! Little frequented by Italians, but well known by foreigners, in 2012 it was chosen as a place for the world paragliding and in 2019 for the world hang-gliding. If you have the chance and the will, you can try too, I report the agency Into The Wild A.S., whose pilots have the two-seater rating issued by the air force.

Paragliding from Mount Valinis

Panorama from Mount Valinis

Valentina and I reached the summit of Mount Valinis, where, stopping for a packed lunch, we remained with eyes and nose upwards to watch this natural spectacle, surrounded by numerous paragliders with colorful sails. It felt like I was in a painting, and I thought to myself, “It’s going to be one of the next adrenaline adventures I’m going to try!” After this magic, between chatter and laughter, we decided to come back. There are various
Options for re-entry, but for reasons of time, we chose the same route as the one-way.


START/FINISH: Church of San Giovanni Bosco, Sottomonte di Meduno

HOW TO GET THERE: from the A28 to the Cimpello exit, then take the SR177 road towards Sequals and finally go towards Meduno and Sottomonte.

DISTANCE: Sottomonte Valinis 7,8 km


TIME: depends on your physical preparation, on average for a trained person are 2 hours and a half 3 hours

WHEN TO GO: all year round

TIPS: comfortable clothing and shoes, bring water and food

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